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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am disliked by people...I really wish to be like by people. I seem annoying to tohers.I care for myself rather than others.I hate myself being behave this way.I HATE MYSELF!how i wish i could no one will really care me.

writtern @5:39 PM

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today i feel so blue...
Things are ruin...
I gonna cry...
Wish i can change group...

writtern @4:16 PM

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm back to my blog
Recently too busy with my work
is indeed tiring but better than staying at home
Sometimes i wish my helen auntie can be nicer to me
just don't always said my colleague bring me go eat and play den overtime...
i always eat 1hour cannot expect me be like you eat lesser time...
you got money to take if you work more..but me dun have
i have my dignity okays
always said me stupid
i bear it cos you my senior
i respect you
but you cannot always like that
one day i cannot bear it,i scare some words i said to you very harsh hor
I watched My Girlfriend is an Agent with my colleague,jason
and watched New Moon with him
i miss him
i love him
i want to see him often
i want to take care of him
will you be with me mah?

writtern @3:02 PM

Friday, November 13, 2009

Long time never post le..
Yes,exam is over...
But it made me feel even sad
i know i still never forget you
the last day that i going to see you perhaps is prom night le
hope you still got go bahzz
today saw somethings that made me very angry
she put my pic on her blog
why?why?nvr tell me...somemore put e most ugliest wan...
suan le forget it
born to be unloved...i knew
but never mind at least he once loved me
the first time being loved by a boy that i also liked really is so HAPPY
that feel i will never forget
when love has gone,i really felt so lonely
i knew when decision made that time,i knew you wouldnt come back to me
indeed this is what happened

i going to work le...
maybe this can made me think lesser of you
knew that you want find job...what kind of job you want?i can help you find
i rmb last time you sae u want learn violin...why don't you go and learn?
i still waiting kor to teach me piano like that we jiu have one more common interest
go and do what you really want mah...or else you will regret de...
i tired le...byess my dearie blog

writtern @9:22 PM

Friday, October 2, 2009

You promise to stay with me
you promise to love me
you promise to we will get back
but none of the promise you had promised me
I hide this in my heart very long
I still love you
Although you do not love me anymore,
i still so love
i try my very best to hate you
i realised i could not hate you
my prelim are sucks,terrible
i know i should not focus on my both maths
I need to FOCUS
Mother tongue i will ask more question to teacher
Physic also
today going sprint ask mr flavian
yesterday he teaches me alot
although i starting dislike his teaching
but now i like his teaching alot too
i will work hard
no pain no gain

writtern @1:45 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nice art rightzzz...
Help my friend take de...haha
lxq dun get angry..
cos i know she might want bah

writtern @4:11 PM

Without you de 14days...
I realised i couldn't cry even though my heart is bleeding profusely
I wonder why i couldn't cry?isit because i become stronger?
or isit i become no feel to anything?
back to last time character?i don't wish
i might do silly things if i were back to last time character
I still
Secretly looking you when i saw you
you seem look happy
but i sense that you are pretending happy
is such a torture
If you happy jiu laugh,
Sad jiu cry
will you wait for me...

writtern @12:36 AM